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Has Thy Will Been Done?

Deciding to make a will is easier than putting one together.  Who gets what? Who will serve as my personal representative? When can my spouse or partner also take off from work, and how do we find a lawyer who is available when we both are? Who will tend the kids? You need an Estate Date™!

Estate Date offers estate planning workshops in group and private settings to help you navigate the estate planning process. The workshop lays the foundation for producing your estate plan documents, e.g., a will, living will, financial and medical powers of attorney and trust(s) in the most efficient and painless manner possible.

The Estate Date workshop reviews the consequences of having no estate plan documents. Workshop participants are led through a questionnaire that elicits information, ferrets out complicating factors, and prompts decisions that must be made to determine what documents are needed to accomplish your estate planning goals.  

After the workshop, you  decide whether to retain the services of the attorney. If you retain Scott Beard Law, private attorney-client meetings are held, an agreed retainer is paid, and the attorney drafts the plan documents. Ideally, you can execute your estate plan documents within just a few weeks.

Employers and organizations can host an Estate Date workshop for 6 to 20 participants. For more information on hosting a workshop for your employees/members, contact us at or by phone at (303) 442-2359.

Let thy Will be done!

History of Estate Date

Scott worked with Harvard University’s Office of Work Life, Harvard Human Resources, and Neiman & Associates Financial Services LLC, to develop a series of workshops for Harvard employees focusing on legal and financial issues. The process identified the Harvard community’s need for a targeted estate-planning workshop. Out of that, Estate Date was born.

In October 2008, Scott launched Estate Date at Harvard’s main campus and followed up in May 2009 with an Estate Date workshop at Harvard’s medical campus. Estate Date is now available to any group interested in an efficient estate-planning workshop.

Upcoming Estate Date Workshops

Our next in-office Estate Date Workshop will be announced soon.

The workshop is a great way to start or update an estate plan. It can also be great for professional advisors to remember the components and importance of a solid estate plan to a family's financial well-being. Don't hesitate to join us even if you don't personally need a plan or an update.

If you or any of your clients would like to attend please call, 303-442-2359, or email, since space is limited.